Boma ~ Who we are

Boma Investments LLC works with early stage social and environmental for-profit businesses.  We provide advice on topics such as financing and organizational development; contacts to investors and mentors; and early stage financing.  While BOMA has founded several companies, most of its work is as a minority shareholder and/or lender.  We work all over the world, with partner companies and target countries with developing economies.   Typically,  the entrepreneurs we work with have a viable product or service, have proven that the concept works, and want to bring it to the next stage. Boma’s co-founders Ron and Marlys Boehm are very aligned with the entrepreneurs, particularly those who are passionately committed to keeping their social mission alive.
Ron and Marlys Boehm are the principals of BOMA, working with Kristi Ferrell who manages the investments and our small teams many projects. We love the energy of the startup world, and the passion of the people who are driven by a social purpose.