BABITA PATEL - Boehm Media Fellow
December 14, 2017
ERICA FITE HORVATH - Boehm Media Fellow
January 25, 2018

Media Fellow Alumni: 2016-Global


ZARA BASHARAT - Boehm Media Fellow

Title/Company: Lead Communications Advisor, Adam Smith International for RAFTAAR

Based In: Islamabad, Pakistan

Geographic Focus: Pakistan

Areas of Expertise: Behavioral change through communication




(All biographical info is from 2016. For latest bio, please visit Fellow’s website, LinkedIn, or other social media profiles).

Zara believes in the power of media to bring about behavioral change. Zara dreams of a better Pakistan and believes that it can be achieved by dedicated efforts to provide quality education for all and develop a counter narrative for violence. She thinks the most effective way this can be done is by leveraging the network and the outreach of the media. Her most recent effort has been to implement the RAFTAAR (Research and Advocacy for the Advancement of Allied Reforms) media campaign, which is focusing on two of the most pressing areas of reform that are impeding Pakistan’s development trajectory: tax and energy.

It is important for her to present and address sensitive and challenging issues in a way that are easy to understand, motivate the community to become involved in the solution and identify avenues in which people can contribute. It is also important for her that people do not feel disconnected from issues that are pertinent to making Pakistan a better place and to reduce the feeling of helplessness. She believes in the power of the people and the role they can play in convincing and at times forcing the government to take decisions that otherwise will be avoided.

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