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January 3, 2018
How to Build a Social Impact Media Strategy
May 17, 2019

Meet Social Impact Media Strategists and Boehm Media Fellows at Opportunity Collaboration

Impact ecosystem building benefits when content creators and strategists are also sensitive to the complexities of social impact.

This episode focuses on effectively creating and sharing content effectively as a way to not only share your message and work but also to build relationships, community, and momentum. It features interviews recorded at Opportunity Collaboration, an annual impact convening held in Mexico.

This episode features Fred de Sam Lazaro, one of the first Boehm Media fellows and correspondent at PBS News Hour about the origins of the Boehm Media fellowship and his experience of storytelling for social impact.

It also features Ellen Wilson, a Principal and Global Director at burness, who shares her expertise on the importance of messaging, including what is ‘messaging’ in PR speak.

Mwihaki Muraguri, Principal at Paukwa House, shares a perspective on how crafting a story is actually the beginning of building a long-lasting relationship.

Victoria Fine–Founder of media strategy firm, Finally– overview how her vast experience, including Huffington Post and Upworthy, helps her work with social enterprises to discern what kind of media or messaging is actually the best fit for them.

Jonathan Tusubira, Co-Founder of Center for Media Literacy and Community Development (CEMCOD), introduces the concept of media literacy and how we can identify and become more aware of biases sewn into the media we consume, and create.

Finally, James Duft, Founding Partner of Bark Media Co., reflects on how media strategists can be effective when they meet their potential clients where they are and help them build personas of who they are trying to reach.

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2018 (Global) Boehm Media Resource

Session: Meet the Media Fellows and What They offer OC

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