JENNIFER LENTFER - Boehm Media Fellow
February 8, 2018
February 8, 2018

Media Fellow Alumni: 2015-Global


JULIE DUGDALE - Boehm Media Fellow

Title/Company: Freelance Writer, Editor, Consultant

Based In: Denver, CO

Geographic Focus: Uganda

Areas of Expertise: Travel, human interest stories, citizen journalism as a means of empowerment



(All biographical info is from 2015. For latest bio, please visit Fellow’s website, LinkedIn, or other social media profiles).

Julie Dugdale is a versatile editor, writer, and reporter with an eye for detail, a passion for travel and human-interest stories, and more than 10 years of journalism experience. She transitions easily between print and digital storytelling and understands the roles that multimedia, social media, and digital tools play in the evolving communications landscape. She doesn’t flinch at challenging reporting projects on topics as diverse as hunger, torture, abortion, natural disasters, family tragedy, natural resource controversy, energy consumption, and more.

After earning her sociology degree in 2002 from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, Dugdale worked as a research assistant at the American Institutes for Research in Washington, DC, where she helped collect and analyze social and behavioral sciences data to effect positive social change. After a subsequent volunteer stint in South America, she earned her master’s degree in journalism and a certificate in environment, policy, and society from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Several magazine stints later, including National Geographic Traveler and Hooked on the Outdoors, Dugdale helped transform Denver’s award-winning monthly magazine, 5280, into one of the country’s top city-regional publications as deemed by the City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA). Throughout her nearly eight years there, She was regularly invited to lead workshops on magazine writing, serve on media panels, speak at local colleges, and represent the magazine during on-air guest appearances on major news networks, radio stations, and talk shows.

Recently, she was contracted to manage the editorial content—including ideation, assigning, reporting, writing, editing, procuring multimedia, and publishing—for the launch of a Webby-honored digital storytelling site, (a new venture from mountain lifestyle behemoth Vail Resorts). She also guides the editorial tone, voice, and quality of content for the major consumer website,, by managing a stable of talented freelance contributors who report the stories.

She is thoughtful, thorough, and diligent in all editorial and media duties, including the pursuit of compelling material for enterprise reporting; the shaping/fine-tuning of narrative copy; the recruitment and management of freelance contributors; mentorship of junior editors; and the creation of savvy and newsworthy story angles. She strives, always, to maintain integrity in a world where the instantaneousness of digital and social media has blurred the boundaries of storytelling.

Dugdale has freelanced for publications in states from Massachusetts to California, traveled on every continent except Antarctica (coming soon!) and splits her loyalties between the mountainous west and the coastal east. She currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island with her husband, and always has an eye toward her next adventure.

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