Investment Philosophy

A major theme in our Investment Philosophy is to invest in and support companies that can (or do) create financial gain for greater choice (built on underlying value of respect for clients) and greater opportunity. Investment companies and projects are added to our portfolio based on their ability to provide one or both of the following:

Deep Impact

Companies with potential or proven ability to impart meaningful change at the micro-level, specifically for the clients/ beneficiaries (including individuals, households, community served).

Broad Impact

Companies with potential or proven ability to offer some improvement to individuals/ households, but their impact is expandable to millions of people if the company achieves success and becomes a scalable (replicable) model. Company characteristics include:

a) a good intervention/service

b) a good business model (sustainable with sufficient profit to partially fund scaling up)

Featured Investment: Atira Systems

An example of a “Broad Impact” Boma investment, Atira Systems replaces an environmentally harmful fire suppression agent with an environmentally friendly one, worldwide.

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