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May 25, 2018
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May 25, 2018

Media Fellow Alumni: 2018-Global


Boma Media Fellow Ignacio Rodriguez


Based In:Caracas, Miranda

Geographic Focus: Venezuela, expanding globally

Areas of Expertise:Social entrepreneurship, filmmaking and photography




(All biographical info is from 2018. For latest bio, please visit Fellow’s website, LinkedIn, or other social media profiles).

Ignacio is a social entrepreneur, filmmaker, photographer and engineer. Before starting Epix, he founded Fremu to connect remote communities through internet forums in Nepal, the Philippines and India with thousands of young social entrepreneurs around the world. Previously, he worked as a consultant in education and ICT projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

He has been a speaker and facilitator in conferences in Doha, London, Caracas, Dubai, Boston, Zurich, Madrid, Paris, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, including opening speaker at the World Education Forum 2011 with the assistance of more than 50 education ministers and their delegations.

He has lived in 6 countries, worked in dozens and has a photography and filming portfolio of over 30 countries. His current project, EPIX, has reached thousands around the world through the web and in exhibitions showing a different side of Venezuela’s controversial political, economic and social crisis. Ignacio has appeared over 40 times on TV, radio, magazines and press articles depicting the realities beyond the crisis lived in Venezuela and the cultural challenges faced.

Because of his work in Venezuela restoring empathy and fighting for social justice, Ignacio has been awarded Fellowships from the International Youth Foundation and the Global Changemakers Network and his work as a social entrepreneur has been recognized by winning the “Emerging Leaders” award by the New Media Consortium co-hosted by MIT.

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