ZARA BASHARAT - Boehm Media Fellow
January 25, 2018
MARC GUNTHER - Boehm Media Fellow
February 6, 2018

Media Fellow Alumni: 2016-Global


ERICA FITE HORVATH - Boehm Media Fellow

Title/Company: Creative Director/Founder, Fancy

Based In: New York City, NY USA

Geographic Focus: Global

Areas of Expertise: Branding, advertising, communications




(All biographical info is from 2016. For latest bio, please visit Fellow’s website, LinkedIn, or other social media profiles).

Erica Fite Horvath has been building brands for over 20 years. From corporate giants like P&G, L’Oréal and Johnson & Johnson to nonprofits and independent upstarts like St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, Babo Botanicals and Midori & Friends, she has established and maintained brand equities, points of view and most important, visual identity.
Ever since spending a high school summer in the jungles of Honduras teaching kids how to brush their teeth, Erica has been interested in the way one’s surrounding/situation affects them emotionally. This emotional curiosity led to her to study acting and eventually, combined with her visual artistic talents, to the other side of the camera as an art director with a career in advertising. In advertising, her adventurous spirit has led her to clients down the block and across the oceans.
After years of working for some of the biggest and best global advertising agencies in New York, Erica and her creative director partner, Katie Keating, founded Fancy LLC and took their experience with women, beauty and international brands and dedicated their business to advancing the lives of women and girls around the world.
Erica continues to believe that great work can do great things, and she views every assignment as an opportunity to change the world. One girl, one woman, one family at a time.

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