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The Boehm Media Fellowship

The Boehm Media Fellowships provides opportunities for communication, media, and storytelling experts with demonstrated commitment to social impact and sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice to participate as Delegates at the Opportunity Collaboration. We understand media to be a diverse and multidisciplinary field across sectors including but not limited to journalism, public relations and communications, social media, film, podcasts, radio, television, photography, media literacy and other mixed or new and emerging media channels and productions. We are seeking individuals who, on their own or through their organizational roles, utilize the media in creative and innovative ways to influence culture, collaborate with communities and interface with new paradigms and ideas to catalyze change.

The goals of the Boehm Media Fellowship are as follows:

1.  Leverage opportunities for the social impact community to engage in their work more quickly, more fully and with more knowledge.

2.  Provide ongoing opportunities for those engaged in social impact initiatives to connect with experts/professionals from the media sector, and for those in the media sector to build relationships and networks to further collaborate on impact driven missions.

3.  Engage Fellows in personal and professional development opportunities to better understand, capture and share mission-driven impact across beliefs, borders, stakeholders and countries.

The Boehm Media Fellowship will be accepting applications through March 1st for Opportunity Collaboration 2020 held October 11-16th in Cancun Mexico. 

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Click below to view Boehm Media Fellows Agendas and Session Descriptions from recent OCs:



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