Village Energy
July 26, 2017


Atira Systems


Sector: Technologies

Location: USA

Boma Potential: Game Changer

Stage: Revenue Debt / Equity / Convertible Debt



Present firefighting chemical suppressants contain toxins and surfactants that pollute surface and groundwater and expose fire-fighting to hazerdous chemicals. Each year in the US alone we drop 1 billion dollars worth of conventional firefighting suppressant on American watersheds and towns.

Atira created a proven, non-toxic, cost effective, and water enhancing fire fighting agent that replaces the industry standard and highly hazardous chemical product. Atria fire suppresent an environmentally safe gel that blocks surfaces from heat expoure (such as houses or fire-breaks) and extends the effectivness of on-site water. sources ATIRA Systems Fire Block Gel is poised to become the status quo water enhancer that-replaces-Class-A-Foam-used-in-both-structural-and-wildland-fire,-as-well-as-Aerial-Fire-Retardants-applied-on-wildland-fires.-This-represents-a-$700-Million-market-opportunity-in-the-U.S.-alone

Boma has supported Atria Systems as they are potentially game changing environmental impact investment. To date Boma has given Atira a total of 11 loans and investments including debt, convertible debt, and equity. Boma hold X dollars in Atira Equity and X amount in Debt, and has lent a combined total of X dollar in debt over the lifetime of our relationship.

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