About Us

Boma (Boehm Gladen Foundation and Boma Investments) was birthed in 2009 by Ron and Marlys Boehm.  Ron and Marlys are active members of the Social Enterprise Networks of YPO/WPO, a not-for-profit, global network of chief executives connected around the shared mission of becoming Better Leaders Through Education and Idea ExchangeTM. Ron and Marlys’ vision is to solve global problems by creating opportunities to facilitate learning and networking which catalyze people to action.

Ron_Boehm_HeadshotRon serves as the CEO of ABC-CLIO, an international publisher based in California as well as the co-owner of Boma Investments, a company, which starts and invests in social businesses and projects.  Click here to learn more about Ron.Marlys_Boehm_headshot

Marlys is the president of Boehm Gladen Foundation and co-owner of Boma Investments.

Ron and Marlys Boehm use their business know-how to provide financial and personal development support to budding social entrepreneurs around the world.

In the video below they talk to Pioneers Post’s founding editor Tim West about successful impact investments they have been involved in, the challenges they have faced and their frustrations around the lack of education about social investment.

From Hunter-Gathering to Modern Farming: Taking Social Entrepreneurship to Scale

Published in Skoll World Forum and Forbes Ron shares his views on scaling up social entrepreneurship.